Vehicle Defect Reporting

This procedure covers all defects including vehicle breakdown, windscreen breakage and punctures.

In the event of a defect being discovered on the vehicle or on its ancillary equipment, it must be reported so that it can be remedied and any safety issues addressed to the satisfaction of the CCT Vehicle Manager.

If the bus is unsafe or is not fit for immediate re-use a CCT official must be advised immediately. Contact numbers are in the Driver Information folder kept in the bus.


Any person finding a defect should complete the indicated parts of a Defect Report Form and pass it to a CCT official at the earliest opportunity.

The recipient of the Form should pass it promptly to the Vehicle Manager who must initiate remedial action.

The cost of small repairs/maintenance, e.g. bulbs, windscreen washing liquid, necessary to keep the vehicle on the road can be incurred and reclaimed from the Treasurer. The Vehicle Manager must obtain clearance from the Treasurer before committing any other work.

Upon completion of the remedial action, the Vehicle Manager must sign-off the work to verify that the bus is fit for use.

On completion of all the above, the Defect Report Form must be retained by the Secretary for a minimum of two years.