Seat Fitting/Removal Safety

With or without a passenger, a detached seat will carry considerable momentum and be a real danger in a moving bus.

Most of the seats on the bus are bolted directly to the floor tracking and to most intents and purposes are not removable. However, a number of the rear seats are detachable through quick-release devices to enable wheelchairs to be carried.

It is essential that these detachable seats are correctly re-installed following removal.

All drivers will be trained in the removal and re-installation of these seats.

However, it is strongly recommended that prior to taking the bus out, the driver checks that the seats have been properly re-fitted. Please do not assume that the previous driver will have correctly carried out the procedure. Remember that it is the driver at the time who carries the primary responsibility for the condition of the vehicle…not any previous driver.

The check is simply carried out by making sure the clamping levers on the subject seats are firmly located in the locked (up) position. A final check can be made by applying force to the upper part of the seat back to ensure there is no movement of the seat as a whole.