Driver Training

Initial Driver Training

To qualify to drive Bluey, all drivers must undertake a MIDAS training course. MIDAS assessment is carried out by a qualified assessor within CCT and will be arranged as soon as possible after the potential driver has volunteered to drive Bluey.

Follow-Up Training

All drivers must receive an refresher session every 4 years. After this period drivers are required to attend a Refresher Training session in order to have their validation renewed.

Keeping drivers up to date

Frequency of drives will be monitored by the Trustees and the Driver Co-ordinator will aim to ensure that every volunteer driver drives at least once in every 3 month period. If it becomes clear that any driver has not driven Bluey or a similar bus during the last 3 months, they will be contacted by the CCT Secretary and asked to attend a refresher session. Regular sessions will be made available, one Sunday morning every month, to ensure easy access to refreshers for most drivers.