Incidents Procedures

In the event of a Road Traffic Incident Involving the Minibus:
  • ensure the passengers are safe.
  • ensure the bus is secure.


Using RTI Form 1 (copies in bus folder) – complete all sections on both sides:

  • Side 1 – Third Party Details.
  • Side 2 – Record of Incident.

Pass the completed document to the Treasurer or Chairman as soon as possible.

Using RTI Form 2 (copies in bus folder) – add your name and address in the area indicated and provide a copy to anyone having reasonable grounds for requiring this information.

If you are unable to exchange particulars immediately you must inform the Police as soon as possible and in any case within 24 hours. This applies regardless of whose fault it was or whether anybody was injured.

If anybody is injured then you must inform the Police immediately.

Once reported, the Chairman or Treasurer should consider if an onward report needs to be made to the Medical & Health Products Reporting Agency (MHRA):



  • Hotline 020 7084 308


  • email
In the event of an Incident Not Involving the Minibus:

This procedure is intended to cover any incidents involving CCT volunteers or passengers during the period of a minibus booking. It covers the persons themselves, their property, third parties and their property.

Please complete a copy of the Incident Not Involving The Minibus form and pass it to the Treasurer as soon as possible.